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New Website

I've finally made time to refresh the North South Images website. It's got most of the old images, and quite a lot of newer ones too and should be easier to explore.

There are (at the moment) ten 'Places' pages with galleries of images from various places in the Arctic (Svalbard, The Lofoten Islands, the NorthWest Passage and Greenland), from Scotland (Shetland, St Kilda & Foula, and the Cairngorms) and from the far south (the Antarctic Peninsula, the Falklands Islands and South Georgia). You can get to each of these from the 'Places' menu (or from the links on this page).

Elsewhere on the site there are also pages about IceScapes, Polar Wildlife and Puffins. You can also get to these from the front page carousel or from the feature stories on the home page.